Frutico is the future of
fruit and vegetable industry

Frutico is the most technologically advanced cloud ERP system for the fruit and vegetable industry,
increasing the efficiency of your operations by up to 25%.

Benefits with Frutico

Frutico is a complete solution, developed with the fruit and vegetable industry for the industry.

100% digitalised processes:
from purchasing to invoicing

Integrated, revenue-optimised
online shop and marketplace

Secure cloud operation for scalability and real-time data

Precise production planning and resource management

Time savings and efficiency in day-to-day operations

SaaS software is always up to date

Frutico helps you meet your daily challenges:
Become faster, more flexible
and more cost-effective.

The demands on the food industry are constantly growing. Faster deliveries, more flexibility and individuality are expected in the face of increasing cost pressure.

More efficient processes and the development of new sales channels are urgently needed to improve margins. This is where our solution comes in, helping you to manage the complexity of your day-to-day business and significantly improve your company's efficiency.

Frutico Diagram

All your business processes
are efficiently covered

Frutico automates your processes to a large extent. Stock items are available in real time, the demand for items is automatically determined based on your orders and the purchase of goods can be completely digitalised.

The production of semi-finished or finished products is fully controlled by the system. During production, customer delivery times and product throughput times are automatically taken into account and material requirements, including consumables, are managed by the system.

Want to find out how Frutico can optimise your business processes? We offer you a free and non-binding process analysis.

News from the Frutico Kitchen

The modular design
for added flexibility

With Frutico, you have a cloud ERP system with completely digitalised processes, coordinated modules and a fully integrated online shop.

Easy integration of third-party software extensions

Frutico is a product brand deepico AG, a provider of specialised cloud ERP solutions for the food industry

Frutico, for the fruit and vegetable sector

for the meat sector

Lattico, for the dairy sector

Fontico, for the beverage sector

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